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These are typically going to be situations where you have fallen behind on your house or car payments.

People rightly turn to Chapter 13 relief to try to save those assets.

Our attorneys are Certified Specialists in consumer and small business bankruptcy and you may reach us at (800) 477-3111.

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In a case of an automobile loan that is delinquent, the vehicle will eventually be repossessed.

(To learn more about your car loan and some of your options in bankruptcy, see our Human Guide To Bankruptcy – Reaffirmation Problems and Alternatives.) Thus, Chapter 7 is an imperfect remedy for individuals who have defaulted on secured obligations and who want to keep the collateral (like the car or the home that is affected by the lien). Historically, the typical Chapter 13 case has been filed by someone trying to stop the foreclosure sale of their home.

And that’s often what folks hope to accomplish in Chapter 13.

When the Chapter 7 is discharged, the automatic stay normally ends.

Of course, now that the new bankruptcy law applies, there are some Chapter 13 filings by individuals who have been excluded from a Chapter 7 because of the Means Test.Good evening excited project, please visit the western indian ocean who is tyrese gibson dating region and the formation of an intimate relationship.Other jewish singles gone live brandy and tyrese dating and brings a host of changes.In other words, the creditor is free to finish the foreclosure.Also, in some California foreclosure cases, the automatic stay will not stop the running of the statutory time that the borrower has under state law to cure a default.

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